The Gospel Hour was founded by Heart Of Worship Ministries founder Andrew Baker. God called Andrew into Ministry back in 1998 at a youth convention in Syracuse, NY on his 18th birthday. Andrew is a Songwritter, Singer, Motivational Speaker, and is currently working on his first book called "Jesus Bring The Rain" The Story Behind The Songs. Andrew  currently has two albums out. His cd single "Victory In Jesus" and his full length album "Breath Of Heaven"



Andrew grew up in a christian home, and always new about God, but didn't have a relationship with God, until he attended a revival tent meeting back in 1990. He meet God for the first time, and has been involved with Penetacostal churchs since 1990. It wasn't until 1998 when God called Andrew into ministry at a youth convention in Syracuse, NY. Until 2002 Andrew didn't really know what Ministry God had called him into. Between 1998-2002 he had believed with all his heart that God had called him to be a preacher, up until 2002, when Andrew was hit with two serious medical conditions that would change his life forever.

   In Feb. of 2002 Andrew was diagnosed with stage 3 irreverisable Lymphadema of his legs, and severe Sleep Apnea. Andrew began to gain massive amounts of weight, and at his heaviest weighed an astonishing 602 pounds. During that period Andrew surrounded himself with prayer partners, and the love of his church family. Andrew sought after God with his whole heart, and prayed every minute that he had. Over the cousre of that year, he feel into deep depression, and tried committing suicide several times to stop the pain, but each attempt failed, and God one night in a vision called Andrew into Music Ministry. Andrew started writting songs, the first song was "Victory In Jesus", then as time passed that year, he began to loose weight, his legs began to decrease in size, and where almost back to normal. The sleep apnea was under control, and he started loosing more weight. Andrew lost 149 pounds in one year without surgery, and was writting more and more songs. You can read Andrew's whole testimony on his personnel website Website at   


 In 2007 God made it perfectly clear to Andrew that he was called into Music Ministry, and that was the start of Heart Of Worship Ministries. Over the past couple of years the concept for Music Ministry expanded into many different fields, of not only music, but media, website designs for other Gospel Artist, Music Video Designs for other Gospel Artist, and now another part of the Ministry has emerged with a  radio broadcast called "The Gospel Hour" The broadcast can be heard on our live 365 station. Just go to the tab that says "Gospel Hour Radio" to listen to the station. 
"The Gospel Hour" plays todays best Country Gospel, Southern Gospel, And Bluegrass Gospel Music 24 Hours A Day 365 Days A Year.


In 2007 Andrew released his first cd "Victory In Jesus" and went on in 2008 to release another cd called "Breath Of Heaven", and also recorded his first music video for the title track of the "Breath Of Heaven" album. 

  Stay tuned to this website, God is not finished with Andrew. God has great things planned for this young mans life.


Heart Of Worship Ministries and The Gospel Hour Are Operated As Non Denominational Ministries!





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