Gospel Hour Radio's Vision has been very clear since its founding in 2009 by Rev. Andrew Baker. First and foremost Gospel Hour Radio wants to bring Glory, Honor, and Praise to God's Holy Name, by broadcasting the best in Country Gospel, Southern Gospel, and Bluegrass Gospel music along with teaching and preaching by some of the most well respected world renowned Pastors, Bishops, Evangelist, and Teachers in the world.


      Our vision from the get go was to spread the Gospel Of Jesus Christ around the world, and through this internet radio station we are currently being broadcasted in 120 countries and adding new countries daily via internet. We are seeing this radio station broadcasting in countries where if you mention the word God you will be punished, but Praise God people are hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and please pray for their protection as they soak up the word of God.


      We are very excited about some of the affiliations we have made since our start in October 2009. We are now affiliated with Bill Gaither Homecoming Radio, Moody Radio, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and Ambassadors. We are broadcasting Bill Gaither Homecoming Radio on Saturdays, and Sundays from 7:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. and are airing Moody Radio programs all week and weekend long. We are now offering a wide varity of programming not just for adults but for children as well. As our affiliations grow we will offer even more programming in the near future. We are making the future happen now, so stay tuned to see what God does next.


      We have a dedictated volunteer staff that is dedicated to our vision, and we hold our volunteers to a very high biblical standard. We screen each volunteer staff carefully to make sure that our staff first of all knows Jesus Christ as their personnel saviour, and living a christian life the best way they know how. To be considered volunteering for this Ministry we make sure that the person is true to Gods word and work. If your interested in volunteering please email us at thegospelhour@yahoo.com and we will seriously consider your application to volunteer for this great Ministry.


      If you would like to become part of this great Ministry we do need partners to pledge a donation each month to help with upgrading our broadcasting and cover the overhead expenses of running this radio statio. Even if you pledge as low as $5.00 a month or can afford $100.00 a month Praise God! No donation is ever to small. You can feel confident when you donate or pledge a monthly gift to this Ministry you are helping us fullfill our vision of winning souls for the Kingdom of God! Thank You And God Bless You!


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